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Hugghins Sod Farms, Inc. - Superior Turf Grass for
Andalusia, Pell City, Childersburg,
South Alabama, North Alabama, Central Alabama,
Northwest Florida, Mississippi, and Georgia

We harvest several varieties of sod, including: Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, and St. Augustine.

With 3 farms located conveniently throughout the state of Alabama, we can promptly service all your sod needs.

If you are looking for superior turf grass, friendly and dependable service then contact a member of our sales staff.

Why Sod is a Good Investment

"Traditional" 16x24 Slabs Being Harvested
Sod is a fully mature, cultivated product that can be installed in the southeast throughout the year. Sod can also be placed on slopes, erosion prone areas and on inferior soils where seeding would be almost impossible, providing quick soil stabilization.

Within a few hours sod can transform an area from bare soil to a lush, living carpet of mature turf. Sod looks luxurious, yet it works like an investment.

Landscaping with sod instantly increases the market value of your property.

Unlike an ordinary lawn with bare spots and weeds, sod creates a healthy atmosphere. Turf cools the atmosphere by reflecting 50% of the sun’s heat. Turf reduces glare, filters odors and noise, and most important, turf absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen, which cleanses and freshens the environment.

30 Inch "Big Rolls" Being Harvested

Sod is a live and viable product; therefore, sod requires maintenance and care. Sod can create a beautiful lawn; however proper maintenance is required to keep it that way.

Hugghins Sod Farms, Inc. would appreciate the opportunity to serve you and will always do everything we can to assure complete satisfaction. We look forward to serving your sod needs.